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"Creativity isn't about getting it right. Sometimes its just about getting it started."

Tanglewood Sue

Love the LIVE Courses 10.00 each

These tutorials are from Live Classes I taught in my creative group.

Let's Dye Cement


In this course you will start with a fully edited video where Tanglewood Sue takes you from beginning to end of the dying of her cement floors.
Now that the basics of dying cement are clear the experimentation and exploration begins. Journey with Sue as she hunts for items to dye and even creates her own cement pieces using molds and quickcrete. If that's not enough Sue and her buddy Agnes make a silicon mold in order to make their own planter.

BONUS-this module DOES include an additional fully edited video besides the LIVES


Let's Paint Upholstery!


In this Course Tanglewood Sue begins with a fully edited video on how to apply paint to upholstery and how to achieve a tie-dyed look as well.

Sue then takes this knowledge and applies it to other fabrics and mediums while incorporating rollers, spray bottles, roller stencils and more.

If you have dreamt of updating tired upholstery, curtains or even clothing with a bit of paint or dye this is the course for you!
All materials used are listed inside the course for you.

BONUS-this course includes a fully edited video 


Not Your Gramma's Decoupage

Decoupage has come a long way baby and this course series will show you what ALL the cool kids are doing these days.

Have you struggled with getting all the wrinkles our of the tissue decoupage, have you wondered how to use fabric, do you need some advice on selecting coordinating patterns and colors?

If you answered yes than this is the perfect course for you.

Tanglewood Sue tackles it all
including a bonus video on
creating your very own custom
fabric to use in your
next creation.


Stencil Insanity

Stencils can be used to update walls and furniture in so many ways if they are used creatively.

The days of "stick a stencil on it" are long gone and buyers want more. More depth, more technique, more layers.

In this course Tanglewood Sue takes you on a complete stenciling journey all the way from making your very own stencil to adding depth, texture and advanced paint effect to your stencils.


Shiny Thangs

So this Month we celebrated all things shiny and glittery.

Although we were preparing for the Holiday season, these techniques are applicable to projects all year long.

We created bowls made from glitter, we made glitter skins to make flowers and jewelry and we explored creating our own faux mercury glass mirrors.
BONUS-due to a craft disaster this month includes a fully edited 2 camera mercury glass demo


Calling All Ombre's

This month we explore the myriad of ways to blend light to dark colors, otherwise known as an Ombre effect. We pushed the boundaries of what it means to "Blend" colors.

From using Polka Dots, to air compressors, to geometric shapes we found new and different styles to really get exciting new ways to create the ever popular ombre style.

Are You ready to get your Ombre ON??

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"I was so surprised when I found Tanglewood Works by Sue. She is such a vibrant and talented artist, always full of energy and good vibes! I love the fact that she is not scared of experimenting and she also encourages us to try new things. When I'm watching one of her videos I am glue to the screen... Even though she is very far away she manages to infuse that positive attitude she always shows in the screen. It is a joy to watch her, I feel blessed being part of her group and I would not hesitate to recommend her... She is original and one of a kind. "

Reyes Boluda

"So, this group, and Tanglewood Sue in particular, have opened up the possibilities for creativity, have brought me out of my shell with FB Lives, and gotten me really excited to see what the next month’s adventure may bring!"

Agnes Farias
Founding Member

"Loved my private DIY class with Sue!! She's a great teacher, creative, and inspiring. Highly recommended!"

Michelle Duran Trudeau

"Love watching this fun and crazy lady show her amazing talent."

Georgia Robbins

"This girl is so talented! If you need some creative inspiration, check out our friend Sue at Tanglewood Works!"

Jayne's Reliable
Fellow DIY Paint Retailer

"I am a founding member of the Crazy Ass Craft Club and I have to say the last 6 to 7 months have been fun, creative, educational and did I say creative and fun? 😊 Whether you are an experienced crafter or always wanted to get your hands dirty the Crazy Ass Craft Club is for you! Join me, my friends(the Bold and Brazen) and Tanglewood Sue as we get crazy and craft! "

Lisa Stevens
Founding Member

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